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The First Customers

In a new market, you need to secure a foothold. World domination can come later.


How Much Do You Know?

Managing knowledge is the key to managing a company.

01a articleHowMuchDoYouKnow

What's the Story?

In an environment of metrics and short-term earnings statements, how to get through to people? Tell a story. Take it from movie executive Peter Guber, who knows something about capturing people’s attention.


Watch Your Back, Goliath

Hijacking the conversation, fighting dirty, and doing the unthinkable.


Rebranding the Jay-Z Way

How to transform "a mediocre product" into an overnight sensation.


Down With Cultural Sensitivity

In three years in China, the author has found the vast majority of the people to be friendly, helpful, and honest. But the higher-level businesspeople—the owners and bosses—lie, cheat, and steal with no remorse whatsoever and have not the slightest respect for the work of others.

Down With Cultural Sensitivity

The Value of Values

In a Q&A, John Gerzema explains how consumers have rediscovered what's really important—and how they're reshaping the marketplace.

Good Leaders, Bad Leaders


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