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Ideas and opinions on employee engagement, diversity, talent management, leadership development, and strategic HR. For much more, check out The Conference Board’s Human Capital practice area and the Human Capital Exchange.

What Power Is—and What It Isn’t

How to increase the total quantity of power in the organization so that the power given to some does not comes at the expense of the power of others.


What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

On women, leadership, and Avon.


Workspace: You Can Go Your Own Way

There are as many ways to get work done as there are workers.


Treat Your Employees Like Consumers

They don’t all value the same products.


They Can Handle the Truth

Speaking of insecurity, can we be honest here? That’s not really a question. It’s an imperative if you’re to instill confidence throughout your workforce.

They Can Handle the Truth

Performance Anxiety

Many of us feel more confident keeping our jobs these days, so why do we still feel insecure doing them?

Performance Anxiety

Workspace: Everybody’s No Longer Working for the Weekend

. . . because they're working over the weekend. Enough!

Everybody's No Longer Working for the Weekend

Liberation Is Hard Work

But unless you set your people free, they'll never be as creative as you need them to be.

Liberation Is Hard Work

Workspace: Three Reasons to Avoid Lists

1. They are lists. 2. See previous item. 3. Read below.

Three Reasons to Avoid Lists

Stop Texting Under the Table

Technology may have brought big changes in proper business behavior, but etiquette expert Barbara Pachter still wants you to shake hands firmly, dress appropriately, and use the appropriate fork at lunch.

Stop Texting Under the Table


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