Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Cover


Sightings: A Heavy Burden


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HR: You're Doing It Wrong: Criminal, Past

Nearly one in three people is arrested by the age of 23. When they apply for jobs at your company, try not to hold it against them.

Workspace: What the %#!& Are You Talking About?

Consultants and executives can’t give up corporate-speak—even when it has real-world consequences.

Theory to Practice: Advice on Good Advice

Too much expert advice is unfalsifiable, meaning that we’ll never know whether it was good or bad.

Worth Noting

Recent reads that caught our attention.

Openers: Right the First Time

More knowledge workers have nothing to hold up at the end of the week—and little incentive to maintain quality.


Who Will Survive?

Companies come and companies go, but not always for good reasons.

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Out of the West

Western companies can’t count on consumers in emerging economies patiently waiting for cheap versions of innovations to filter down to them. Dartmouth professor Vijay Govindarajan explains.

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As organizations get leaner, middle managers are being forced to take on more and more responsibility, without commensurate respect or compensation.

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Don't Panic

Sure, making a presentation to the CEO and the board of directors is nerve-wracking. But that doesn’t mean it won’t go well.

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The Case Against the Business Case

When it comes to diversity and other “soft” initiatives, CFOs always demand that a dollars-and-cents business case be made. But not everything can—or should—be boiled down to financials.

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All in the Family

How to convince the members of the Ford family to sign on to the CEO’s dramatic plan to save their company?

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Anger Management

Customers, aided by social media, need less provocation than ever to turn on their favorite companies. But disaster isn’t inevitable.

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