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Sightings: An Industry Steeling Itself

Worth Noting

Recent reads that caught our attention.

HR: You're Doing It Wrong - Jones vs. Anastasijevic

Does the job market discriminate against people with unusual names?

Workspace: The Five Types of Trust

The dos and don’ts for leaders in building or repairing trust in difficult times.

Theory to Practice: Management by Imitation

Can we replicate Steve Jobs’s success by doing as he did?

Openers: Metrics and Micromanagement

When executives exert more and more oversight and demand more and more information, people work on PowerPoint decks and Excel sheets rather than, well, work.



There’s a big gap between the organization that a CEO runs and the organization for which people actually work.


From Selling Beauty to Selling Fear

Remember when a deep tan signified health rather than skin cancer? Marketers made the shift without breaking stride.

From Selling Beauty to Selling Fear


Everyone agrees that workplace bullying must not be tolerated. So why do so many people feel victimized?

Do Your Customers Trust You?

It’s no longer enough to not rip off your customers, say Don Peppers and Martha Rogers—you have to start looking out for their interests.

Are Your Opinions Really Your Own?

Disclaimers are intended to set apart personal views from official statements. Do they work?

Nothing in Common

As diversity—gender, age, ethnicity, geographic—continues to grow, executives can no longer rely on instinct in assessing a marketing campaign.

Nothing in Common

Our Brands, Ourselves

How we define ourselves by the brands we love and hate, from Chrysler to Coca-Cola to J. Crew.

Our Brand, Ourselves

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