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Sightings: A Different Diversity

Sightings Winter12


HR: You're Doing It Wrong: "Zionist Jews Need to Be Run Out of This Country"

Columnist Laurie Ruettimann aims to clarify HR’s role in dealing with unacceptable behavior in and out of the workplace.

Workspace: A New Order

Columnist Alison Maitland argues for new workplace guidelines that offer flexibility—as long as the rules are drawn up with worker input and agreement.

Theory to Practice: Relatively Right vs. Wholly Wrong

Columnist Michael Raynor notes that the most important things are the simplest to understand, the hardest to do, and, as a result, the easiest to lose sight of.

Openers: Occupiers vs. Occupied

Occupy Wall Street isn’t just about inequality—it highlights the growing gap between companies and consumers.


Still Squeezed

Bart van Ark, chief economist of The Conference Board, sees income inequality and austerity efforts holding back global economic growth.

Priorities vs. Time

How to relieve the pressure on people at the top? By rethinking those jobs—and, perhaps, adding strategic staff support.

A business man drowning in a sea of paperwork

Help Is Here

Today’s senior executive needs more than an assistant. He needs a chief of staff.

Help is Here

Unfair Business Practices

Perks are extremely visible indicators of who gets and who doesn’t—and how you distribute them can change the entire corporate culture.

Black executive office chair facing yellow task office chair

Dangerous Terrain

With attention focused on the money that SuperPACs are spending to influence election results, companies are likely overlooking their own risks in the new campaign-finance system.

Dangerous Terrain

American Pastoral

When companies needed more space, they moved to the suburbs, placing headquarters and R&D facilities in office parks and on lush campuses. But we’re all paying a price now.

American Pastoral

What's the Best Business Book You've Read Lately?

Our panel of business-book authors picks their favorites of the last year.

Best Business Book

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